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Dyspraxia is an impairment of, or late development in, the co-ordination and organisation of movement. There may also be problems associated with language, perception and thought. The symptoms of the condition relate to movement, for example, large and fine motor skills are hard to learn, difficult to retain and generalise, and show up as uncertain and awkward. Language may be impaired or late to develop, and articulation may be immature or even unintelligible in early years. Perception may be affected: there is a poor understanding of the messages that the senses convey and difficulty in relating those messages to actions, and people with dyspraxia may have great difficulty in planning and organising thoughts.

The Dyspraxia Association of Ireland
Carmichael House
North Brunswick Street
Dublin 7
work Tel: +353 (0)1 874 7085

The Dyspraxia Association was established in 1995 by parents of children with Dyspraxia. It is run by volunteer parents and is active in the following areas: promoting awareness of Dyspraxia in Ireland in order to create a better understanding of the difficulties children and parents face; working and liaising with other related organisations, particularly those dealing with spectrum disorders; lobbying government departments and relevant bodies in the areas of education, health, therapies, etc. The association also provides a national telephone information helpline, distributes information packs, circulates a newsletter, organises annual conferences with professional speakers and gives presentations to schools and colleges, and finally, fundraises.

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